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Hello World! It’s been a few months since I’ve hopped on here and uttered even one word. Perche? Because when I returned from my summer of making music in Italia with The Downbeat Trio, I had to focus on what…MOOLA! So, I’ve been working at Orange Theory and then briefly at LA Fitness (hated it) in sales. Well, now I’m back, dipping my toes back into music and trying to figure out how to combine my passion for helping others achieve their fitness goals with music. I have been talking about making my EP forever, but I can’t quite seem to find the style and writing partners I desire, so I’m going to have to double down on trying to figure out exactly where I want to go, creating the songs, and then finding someone who gets on board with my ideas. In other words, I realize I need to drive the train from song inspiration all the way to a finished jam. Hook, line, and sinker. As for the fitness, I am realizing that I much prefer working one on one for myself and so I am recommitting to my Fatty Fitness business and looking for some work with private companies to subsidize. It’s a struggle, but I will figure it out. So, that’s where things stand. This will be the first holidays season in 5 years not spent in Europe gigging and it is surreal to just be here, but this is home now and I must figure it out. I. Can. Do. It. I’ll try to get on here and blog more frequently. As a side bar: I wanted to change my website to something more musically modern and bright, but the cost was outta control, so for now, this dark, jazzy site will just have to do. Mad Lurve to all…Miles

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