The Downbeat Trio

GrannyMiles-022Miles joins musical forces with Lisa Simmons & Marco Cremaschini who are co-founders of the band Hippie Tendencies based in Italy. Lisa has written and recorded several pop and dance tunes topping dance charts with Bacon Popper in 1998 with their hit song ‘Free’. She has been performing live throughout Europe for many years playing festivals and smaller venues as well as national television in France (Hit Machine M6), Italy (Focus Rai Uno), and Denmark (Paskefest). Marco (piano/keys) is a consummate jazz pianist with extensive live and recording experience and is well known and respected throughout Italy and the EU. Among others, he has collaborated with several artists well followed in Italy such as: Silvia Dalla Noce, Kay Foster Jackson, and San Remo finalist Jenny B, as well as the renowned Cheryl Porter. He also scored Andrea Romano’s short film Travolti da un solido destino: As a songwriting team, they have collaborated with a long list of musicians: Miles Simmons, Anna Maria Castelli, Alan Farrington, Lisa Bell, Cheryl Porter, Enrico Sauda, and Loris Baroni, among many others.

GrannyMiles-020As a songwriting team, they have been honored with several awards including, but not limited to: The 2011 “Premio Speciale” from the town of Sirmione in the north of Italy for Art, Music and Entertainment, the 2013 Empower Music and Arts for a positive music award from Florida U.S.A. and the lead song from The Italian Project (album co-written with Bob Story and Lisa Bell), “Bring the Love”, was one of the winners of the first Colorado Music Business Organization’s Songwriting Contest in the Americana category with a second song from the album “Walk with Me” gaining an Honorable Mention in the same category in 2013.

Additionally, they are artists in residence at Lou Casteou in the South of France, where they teach a songwriting course twice a year called “How to write an enduring song rather than a hit song”.