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Posted on Aug 7, 2016 | 0 comments

Jazz Cats! What’s up? After a long and fantastic summer, all things “Miles Simmons” are starting to gear up and get ready for the fall. Couple of big changes. Alas, after years of trying to make things work the awesome Italian band “Granny Says”, we are parting ways. The challenges of working across the pond have become too great and so it is with deep sorrow that I will slowly be saying goodbye and cleaning my website of promoting that entity. I enjoyed it while it lasted. Keep up with them through Google and Soundcloud.

Also, Simmons’ Downbeat Trio is now Downbeat Music and this entity will consist of a variety of jazz musicians in the Chicago area, but I will primarily be booking high-end venues and weddings with pianist Kevin Fort. In other words, no more trio unless requested. Just great vocals and keys. Together. Look for increased marketing in the near future. Hopefully some tracks to follow.

Hello Suckers Cabaret with pianist Rebecca King, still continues after a brief summer hiatus. We are working on booking the fall now, but we’ll be back at it making people sing along and laugh with us soon.

Finally, with a new direction in mind, I’ll be back in the studio this fall writing and recording my debut EP to submit for production hopefully before 2017. This will be a collaboration with my sister vocalist/musician Lisa Simmons and pianist Marco Cremeschini (of NoteSpeak and Hippie Tendencies fame) along with a roster of several fabulous Italian musicians. The goal is to make a really good demo, send it out and have Blue Note or another awesome label pick it up for full production and development.

So, lots going on in the world of Miles! I’ll be back to the blogging here on a semi-regular basis. Check out all the Facebook pages: Downbeat Music, Miles Simmons Powell, The Downbeat Trio, NoteSpeak, HippieTendencies, and Hello Suckers Cabaret) for additional info and a more interactive experience. All of these things also have Twitter accounts and websites. Totally googleable.

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