Road Trip!

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Road Trip!

Hey All! Just a quick update from Chicago. After an amazingly gigtastic summer in Italy, I am back in Chicago, but the good news is…The Downbeat Trio has an amazing gig in Boulder, CO at the Jaipur Literature Festival on Saturday, September 16th. We are the headliners…well…and it should be well attended. Super psyched to head to my home town and gig with my sister and Marco Cremeschini! It. Is. On.



JULY 4th – ish!

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JULY 4th – ish!

Ciao Ragazzi!

Glasses me

Well…writing from the wonderful Lago di Garda area. So….I’m about half way through this summer journey of gigging all over Northern Italy. So, far, so good. Plenty of gigs both with my sister and with some others and private events that pay well. I’m working on the language, loving the food and generally having an amazing time. The musicians in this area are professional and super fun…your gigs always come with free food and at least a few free drinks. What’s not to like about that? Trying to figure out a way to make this a regular summer thing…hopefully, laying the ground work this summer to prepare for next summer. Anyway, I’ll post a few pics in the next few weeks so that you all can see some of the venues and I love my mic shots. Super. Awesome. Fun. Hope you had a Happy 4th and that all is well in your world. God Bless ‘Merica.


What Up, Europa!

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Hey….so I’ve been in Europe about three weeks now and the gigs are coming fast and furious. A lot of private parties and fancy hotels, but they feed us well and I’m working with all kinds of crazy cats, so it’s all good. Two months to go and every day there’s some new hotel or new event to sing at and spread the music of jazzy, poppy, r and b goodness. I’ll try to be better about the blogging. As you can see from my previous posts, I’m simply not good at it…HOWEVER, I love you, my fans and I want to stay connected, so I will do better. Buona serata!!!!


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Well Cats,

It’s on. I’ve arrived in Italy and although I’ve already had one gig with my super sibling jazz pop trio, “The Downbeat Trio”, we really start cranking it up tomorrow. SO excited and the gigs keep rolling in. It’s nice to finally be here and to really be able to dig in to the music community here and to be available for longer than two weeks at a time. I have some gigs with my sister and some gigs with some local musicians doing jazz clubs, private parties and a few swanky corporate events. It’s all good. Living the dream. Still a little sad about no “Granny Says” action, but it just didn’t catch. I’ll have to update the website later when I can afford it. For now, it is what it is. Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook at: Miles Simmons Powell or The Downbeat Trio, or Downbeat Music. SO. MANY. OPTIONS. Talk to you soon! A presto! MilesIMG_0899


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Hey Cats!

Show tonight in Chi-Town! Hello Suckers Cabaret @ Davenport’s Piano Bar in Wicker Park. If you’re not there, you’re missing out! See the Google for address and tix info (or check out the events page on this site). Mad Lurve, Miles

Hello Suckers Debut Photo

Happy February!

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Well…January has come and gone and we are now solidly over half way through February. Wow. The year is flying by. Gotta a couple of gigs coming up locally, but the big news is….moving to Europe to gig for all of June and July! Bookings are starting to roll in, I’ve got a place to stay and it’s all happening. So excited. Keep posted here and I’ll try to be better about getting on the website. Hope all is well in your world. Go see some live music….


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Well, Happy Holidays, Fan-Friends! Chillaxin’ in Italia for a few weeks and by chillaxin’, I mean gigging all over and trying to finish up writing songs for the forthcoming EP. Last weekend we were at this amazing resort in the Austrian Mountains called Mohr Life Resort ( with some of the nicest audience members one could ask for. Additionally, we spent a couple of nights there being well fed and using the spa, before our gigs. The struggle is real! Anyhoodles, if you happen to be in the Northern Italy region and feel like coming to check out some good jazzy goodness over the next few weeks, come check us out! The “Events” page on this site is up to date through the beginning of January and I am now furiously working on booking gigs for Jan and Feb back in Chi-Town. There is sooo much to be done. Also, look for a major announcement coming early next year about my extended summer tour in Europe with The Downbeat Trio. It. Is. On.



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Hey Gang! Miles here. It’s been a few months since I’ve checked in via the blog on my website. Laying low and working hard at my daytime gig. However, slowly dusting the pipes off and getting ready to crank things up for a 3 week tour in Europe. I leave December 14th and will return January 4th. Schedule forthcoming on the Events page here. I have a few private gigs in Chicago before I take off. I will start blogging on the road when fun stuff happens! In the mean time, have a great holiday season and look for additional gigs and changes to the website in the new year!


Ch-Ch-Ch- Changes…

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Jazz Cats! What’s up? After a long and fantastic summer, all things “Miles Simmons” are starting to gear up and get ready for the fall. Couple of big changes. Alas, after years of trying to make things work the awesome Italian band “Granny Says”, we are parting ways. The challenges of working across the pond have become too great and so it is with deep sorrow that I will slowly be saying goodbye and cleaning my website of promoting that entity. I enjoyed it while it lasted. Keep up with them through Google and Soundcloud.

Also, Simmons’ Downbeat Trio is now Downbeat Music and this entity will consist of a variety of jazz musicians in the Chicago area, but I will primarily be booking high-end venues and weddings with pianist Kevin Fort. In other words, no more trio unless requested. Just great vocals and keys. Together. Look for increased marketing in the near future. Hopefully some tracks to follow.

Hello Suckers Cabaret with pianist Rebecca King, still continues after a brief summer hiatus. We are working on booking the fall now, but we’ll be back at it making people sing along and laugh with us soon.

Finally, with a new direction in mind, I’ll be back in the studio this fall writing and recording my debut EP to submit for production hopefully before 2017. This will be a collaboration with my sister vocalist/musician Lisa Simmons and pianist Marco Cremeschini (of NoteSpeak and Hippie Tendencies fame) along with a roster of several fabulous Italian musicians. The goal is to make a really good demo, send it out and have Blue Note or another awesome label pick it up for full production and development.

So, lots going on in the world of Miles! I’ll be back to the blogging here on a semi-regular basis. Check out all the Facebook pages: Downbeat Music, Miles Simmons Powell, The Downbeat Trio, NoteSpeak, HippieTendencies, and Hello Suckers Cabaret) for additional info and a more interactive experience. All of these things also have Twitter accounts and websites. Totally googleable.


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Hello Super Awesome Fans!

I know I’m not a big blogger, but I’m still here, still musically inclined, and still trying to make it in the biz. Working hard on the EP this summer after I get back from Europe. That being said, I am taking a break from all things Miles Simmons to go on a legitimate two week vacay in Europa. No gigs, just good times and vocal rest. Check back with it in August when Hello Suckers will start booking some gigs. Until then, be well, find some live music, and get out there and enjoy your summer…