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Hey All!


SO happy to have spent this week in NYC auditioning, reconnecting with old friends and reminding myself that there is no place like home. For whatever reasons, this CO born man loves NYC and misses his 8 years of off and on living here. Was it a struggle? Yes. Was it always sunshine, rainbows and unicorns? No. BUT – there is an energy here. There is a multi-cultural aspect here of a shared experience that I just haven’t found anywhere else. Can’t explain it, don’t need to. I just know that I love it. Discovered a couple new things while I was here this week. The High Line (who knew), the roof top bar at YOTEL in Hell’s Kitchen, and Anejo – an amazing restaurant also in Hell’s Kitchen. The capper is, I also got to see Hello Dolly, so there’s that. Great classic Broadway show. So, lots of good stuff for a few days. Now, it’s time to prep for Italy. Leaving two weeks from Tuesday. Can’t afford it, but it’s happening. Life. Is. Good.

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