Posted on Apr 15, 2016 | 0 comments

Hey Cats! So…this Spring I have found a fantastic pianist named Kevin Fort who recently joined us at M Lounge. Brining back bassist Aaron Zachary and drummer Jon Wenzel and it was all magic. Nice jazzy awesomeness with a blues vibe. The crowd was small but attentive and appreciative. It was all good in the hood. I have also been racking up the gigs with pianist Rebecca King and our cabaret, Hello Suckers Cabaret, seems to be slowly becoming a “thing”. I believe Chicago is finally opening it’s doors to this Sucker and I have been working hard and waiting. Yay music in Chicago! Unfortunately, The Downbeat Trio and my gigs with my sister in Europe have to take a little pause this year while I get this together, but don’t worry we’ll be back. The three of us are working hard to make sure the summer is a block buster after almost securing a residence gig at the Shangri-La in Manila. We were very disappointed when it fell through, but it means greater things are on the horizon. We. Can Do. It....

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